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Priadara massage treatments

This treatment stimulates with 20 exotic Thai herbs & spices whilst soothing with warmth to alleviate muscle tension, aches and pains. The warm compress & massage creates a powerful purifying and detoxifying lifestyle treatment. 

Priadara treatment 1

Back, back of legs, neck & shoulders

(30 min) - £30

Priadara treatment 2

Back, full leg and feet, abdomen, arms, hands, & shoulders (60 min) - £60

Priadara treatment 3

Back, full leg and feet, abdomen, arms, hands, & shoulders. Also includes a face & scalp massage (90 min) - £75

Full body massage Remedial young living Essential oil (90min) - £60

Swedish full body massage

Remedial massage which relieves tension and relaxes the mind, body and soul (60 min) - £50

Back, neck, shoulder and full arm massage (45 min) - £35

Back, neck and shoulder massage

(30 min) - £25

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